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32nd International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE) – Dublin (Ireland), 25-28 August 2016

Healthcare databases have become the cornerstone of pharmacoepidemiologic research.  However, the demonstration of the product value often relies on disease-specific characteristics, such as biomarkers or laboratory test results, which are not routinely recorded in healthcare databases. Finding such fit-for-purpose database is complex considering their heterogeneity in regards to information provided and to access policy. YOLARX has developed a scientific and turn-key solution aiming to identify existing data sources tailored to the needs of our clients. Discover results of 3 recent database mapping projects presented at ICPE on Sunday, 28 August 2016.
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Health Technology Assessment information’s (HTAi) 2016 Annual Meeting – Tokyo (Japan), 10-14 May 2016

Prof. Moride, president and founder of YolaRx Consultants, will be attending at 2016 HTAi Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Want to meet onsite? Send us an email: Read more

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