ISoP 18th Annual Meeting 2018- Geneva (Switzerland)

Prof. Moride, President of YOLARX Consultants, and Dr. Genaro Castillon, Medical Advisor, attended the ISOP 18th Annual Meeting 2018 in Geneva. Want to hear more? Send us an email

Oral Presentation

Title: A Delphi Study on the Development of a Risk Proportionality Framework for the Selection of Risk Minimisation Interventions in Asia.

Authors: Y. Moride, S. Frise, H. Le Louët, G. Castillon, J.-C. Delumeau

Poster Presentation

Title: Product Confusion Errors: A Pharmacovigilance Analysis of VigiBase™ and Canada Vigilance Case Narratives

Authors: G. Castillon, Z. Gesztesi, Y. Moride