YOLARX has an extensive global network of collaborators to optimize study design, to deliver clinical knowledge leadership, and to execute data capture and analysis. Our medical advisor and research associates hold post-graduate degrees in various fields, including pharmacoepidemiology and drug development, medicine, pharmacy and the biomedical sciences.

Our collaborators have seasoned expertise in working with the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies through numerous research projects, including but not limited to, database observational studies, clinical trials, and evidence synthesis.


Research Nurse

Our research nurse is responsible for physician recruitment for our real-world investigation projects, including post-authorization safety studies such as physician knowledge and understanding surveys. Additionally, the research nurse follows the patients recruited to your studies and collects all the necessary data required for analysis. She is managing a team of research assistants for field studies.



Our pharmacists, who also have training in the areas of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance, contribute to the development and implementation of various studies and discussions with our clients. Due to their extensive clinical knowledge and medication expertise, including pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles; drug-drug interactions; and treatment modalities, they serve as an important medical resource to YOLARX.



Several PhDs, MDs or pharmacists are an integrated part of the YOLARX Team. While immersing in the company’s research projects, our interns are not only learning research techniques and come to understand the broader context of her/his project but are actively contributing to the work of the research team. They also have the opportunity to present their research results at scientific conferences.


Electronic Data Capture (EDC) & Data Management Collaborators

Our data management collaborators provide state-of-the-art clinical trial and epidemiological research software products designed to streamline data collection, enhance your data management and improve data quality. Their innovative and user-friendly software solutions allow the collection and management of data from clinical and epidemiological research studies including randomized clinical trials, cohort studies, cross-section studies, case-control studies, patient registries and administrative databases and can be further tailored with add-on modules or features to the needs of your project.

YOLARX’s EDC & Data Management Collaborators include our long-standing Logo Dacima_small
and trusted partner Dacima Software, a clinical software developing company comprised of a team of epidemiologists, clinical data managers and CRF designers.