Systematic Literature Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Prior to developing a product value story and data generation strategy, it is necessary to review existing evidence in order to identify gaps in knowledge and explore opportunities. YOLARX’s team members are experienced in developing literature search strategies targeted to specific questions in different therapeutic areas.

After the identification and review of published medical literature and existing clinical data, pragmatic searches are conducted to provide you evidence and insight to patients’ needs and priorities, clinical expectations and product potential.

The YOLARX team has developed a long-standing expertise in systematic reviews and meta-analysis using Cochrane collaboration and MOOSE Guidelines.

Given the constant increase of scientific literature and due to the pressure for timely, informed decisions in public health and routine clinical practice, research results must be summarized objectively. Based on systematic literature findings, we conduct meta-analyses to address this issue by combining the findings from independent studies. In the context of the real-world setting, meta-analyses of observational studies allow to assess the clinical effectiveness of healthcare interventions and to assess the burden of illness of a particular condition. Provided that homogeneity conditions are met, they are especially useful in situations when the conduct of randomized controlled trials are not feasible and when only data from observational studies are available.